About Diana Lighting and Controls Inc.

We are lighting manufacturing specialists based in Toronto offering a wide range of high quality LED lighting products designed to fit a variety of applications. From custom linear lighting and modular cove lighting systems to under cabinet, closet and stair lighting kits, all of our products are designed to provide a uniform light distribution with no dark spots. Our products are manufactured in Canada and are crafted from fine and durable materials utilizing the latest technology and our 3D printing capabilities. We specialize in lighting controls and automations while our high standards of quality and passion for great lighting design make our products stand out and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We also offer tailored lighting consulting and design services. We perform lighting calculations and can help manage your lighting project from design to implementation.


We are a dedicated team of lighting professionals certified by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). We have a background in electrical engineering and we possess an LED Lighting Professional Certificate awarded by the Philips Lighting University.

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide our clients with innovative and practical solutions in the range of architectural and design lighting fixtures. Our mission is to advise on what best fulfills the lighting needs of our clients and provide them with a solution that will enhance the utility and visual design of a particular space. Our goal is to educate our customers in the field of lighting and offer the experience of a great lighting design.

Our Vision

Our core values are centered around modern and sustainable lighting solutions with an emphasis on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ideas. We strive to continuously innovate products and services that are shaped by form and function and we are firm believers in the visual beauty offered by simplicity.

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