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Discover Custom LED Lighting Solutions for Every Space

Diana Lighting’s wide range of custom LED lighting products are very versatile and suitable for either home or business use. All of our LED lighting products are custom-designed and made-to-order for our clients’ specific needs in a particular space. Whether it is task lighting required for an office space or a shop, ambient lighting for your living room or accent lighting to highlight specific features of your cottage’s interior, we always sit down with our clients first to understand their needs and then to advise on the best lighting solution for their application. And if you need our help to define the vision, we always talk about the art of the possible and will help you understand what lighting solutions you should and shouldn’t invest in. We will help you determine the appropriate lighting for the activity performed in any particular space and bring it to life.

Why Home and Business Owners Trust Our Custom Lighting Company

Our business was founded on trust and collaboration with our clients. We do not believe in “one-and-done” customer interactions. Lawrence and Alex – the owners of the business – bring a breath of knowledge in the field, are personally involved in every project and will listen carefully as you describe your vision and requirements. We bring samples to every conversation and showcase live the features of our custom LED lighting products to help you decide what is best for you. At Diana Lighting we believe firmly in providing our customers with value through practical solutions. We guarantee the best quality of materials and parts and stand behind our products through competitive warranties.

LED Linear and Cove Lighting: Modern Elegance for Your Interiors

Our linear lighting solutions and cove lighting products help define the character of every interior space. Our custom linear LED lighting will instantly make every space stand out. Whether it’s a dining room where you build memories with friends and family, an office space or the entrance hallway to your business where you frequently welcome your clients, linear lighting adds a modern touch and gives out a warm vibe that invites the inhabitants of any space to feel at-home. Our linear LED lighting solutions add a nice touch to every business or home. They can help you send a subtle message about the avant-garde ideas that characterize your business or add a modern touch to your home through the sleek design of recessed linear lighting.

Practical Brilliance: Under-Cabinet and Stair Lighting

But life is not always about modern elegance and sometimes practicality becomes the primary objective in lighting. Our under-cabinet and stair LED lighting solutions were designed to do exactly that. They both provide increased visibility right where it is needed and in doing so they increase safety by reducing the risk of accidents. Both our under-cabinet lighting and stair lighting often double very well in serving as ambient lighting as they provide the perfect amount of light to highlight the patterns on your countertop or texture and colour of your stairs. Our custom lighting systems can either be retrofitted to existing cabinets and stairs or built into the original design of your cabinets or stairs if you are doing a renovation. When needed our team will work closely with your millwork and stair manufacturers to ensure the best design is achieved and all electrical wiring is appropriately routed and concealed.

Affordable Custom Lighting: Quality Within Reach

We firmly believe in providing value to our client through more than just outstanding service and product quality. Our custom LED lighting is competitively priced and well within the reach of average home and business owners. Our products typically cost a fraction of the total cost to renovate a space, get new kitchen cabinets or new stairs installed. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and we pass on any savings received from them to you, our valued customers.


What makes Diana Lighting's LED solutions unique?

Our LED lighting solutions are appropriately designed to fit our customers’ exact needs. We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We sit down with our customers to understand the intended purpose of the lighting and only offer right-sized practical solutions. We never sell more light than our customers need and we never sell product features that our customers don’t need. We understand the importance of remaining cost effective and strive to provide only the right lighting solutions leveraging the depth of our expertise in the lighting industry.

How do I choose the right lighting for my space?

To determine the right lighting for any space the first step is to define the functionality of that space. The type of activities performed during the space and their timing throughout the day are key factors that need to be accounted for. Second, the location of the space relative to natural sources of light and the amount of natural light that is allowed in that space also play a critical role. Our team at Diana Lighting can guide you through the process and advise on the right lighting for your space, including ideal amount in lumens, colour temperature and location of the lighting sources.

What is the best lighting for a Business Office?

Natural light always provides the best lighting for a business office. To complement natural light sources we recommend installing lighting that comes with a colour temperate of 4000K or as close as possible to that. Daylight harvesting control is also a great feature to have in business office spaces as it allows for a constant level of illumination to be maintained throughout the day while attaining significant cost savings over time.

How do you reduce glare in the office lighting?

There are three methods we recommend to reduce glare in the office lighting:

  • Use as much indirect lighting as possible 
  • Apply glare reduction film on your windows
  • Use task lighting to light up areas like desks, countertops or other places where work gets done

What is the best lighting for computer work?

Computers emit a good amount of light from their screens. For this reason, there isn’t a lot lighting required in spaces where computer work takes place. We recommend two types of lighting for computer work:

  • Indirect lighting such as cove lighting that is not directly aimed on the workstations
  • Task lighting that is aimed at those areas where the light emitted by screens cannot effectively reach, such as desk surfaces or keyboard level

What is the best lighting for productivity?

The best lighting for productivity depends on the specific use of the space being lit.

  • For offices we recommend natural light. To complement natural light sources we recommend installing lighting that comes with a colour temperate of 4000K or as close as possible to that.
  • For industrial spaces where production takes place we recommend two types of lighting: general ambient lighting in an amount that is sufficient to prevent accidents, complemented by task lighting aimed directly at those areas where work takes place such as the controls of a machine or a conveyor belt.

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