Lighting Services

There is no perfect light distribution. However, there are lots of solutions to obtain the most uniform and efficient light distribution in any space. We offer tailored lighting consulting and design services. 

We can help manage your lighting project from design to implementation.

  • Lighting design support: Where a lighting design is already available, we can opine on the lighting specified and identify improvement opportunities. We perform calculations and strive to optimize the results to achieve the best lighting quality and distribution.
  • Lighting calculations: We perform lighting calculations and provide photometric reports for any project, big or small. We do 2D & 3D rendering / project visualizations. We offer our opinion on the results and suggest improvements as applicable.
  • Lighting project optimization: We optimize and provide updated reflected ceiling plans. We can suggest the number, type, and positioning of the lighting fixtures based on the intended purpose and utility of any space.
  • Technical advice: We can offer technical advice on any lighting project and consult on lighting controls and automations.
  • Sourcing of lighting fixtures and supplies: We can do the lighting take-off and offer quotations. We can source the specified lighting fixtures or cross them out with more cost-effective fixtures that have the same characteristics. We supply and deliver all lighting fixtures to the project site.

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We Offer Lighting Calculations and Advice - There is More Science to Lighting than You Would Expect. Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation.
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