Linear Lighting: Linear DiLight

Linear DiLight is our linear lighting system designed for any space where a modern, cutting-edge lighting system is desired. Each Linear DiLight is crafted from fine and durable materials utilizing latest technology and our 3D printing capabilities. All systems are custom manufactured by us in Canada to your exact measurements and specifications.

Key Features:

  • Light Source: Dotless LED Strip
  • The diffuse illumination is provided by frosted opal lens
  • Uniform light distribution with no dark spots
  • Dimmable (ELV)
  • Excellent heat dispersion extends life to ~50,000 hours
  • Custom built at any length and angle desired
  • Aluminum profile available in white, grey or black finishes
  • Light source available in multiple colour temperatures
  • RGB (full colour spectrum) light option available
  • All system components carry certification markings for the North American market
  • Suitable for residential, office or hospitality industry settings
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Tested by us for 48 hours in continuous use before delivery
  • Delivered with installation instructions – professional installation required

Linear Lighting FAQs

What is linear LED lighting?

Linear LED lighting is a type of lighting that takes its name from the shape of the luminaires used. Linear luminaires are typically longer and narrower strip-like lighting fixtures. They have a modern look and can be easily customized to fit any design desired. It is very common for a linear LED lighting fixture to come with different angles either in the same or different planes. Linear LED lighting can be recessed into a wall or ceiling, surface installed or suspended. Check out our portfolio of linear LED lighting fixture projects: Best LED Linear Lighting Solutions for Your Projects.

At Diana Lighting, we manufacture custom linear LED lighting and we are happy to chat with you about your design ideas and projects. Give us a call for a free consultation and quote.

When is linear LED lighting appropriate?

Linear LED lighting carries a modern look and is most typically used in modern contemporary design settings. Some linear LED lighting systems are outdoor-rated in which case they are suitable for the outdoors.

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Add a Modern Touch to Your Home or Office with our Custom Linear LED Lighting. Designed to Your Exact Specifications.
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