Under-Cabinet and Closet Lighting

We have various flexible solutions for under-cabinet, in-cabinet and closet lighting that are suitable for a variety of applications.

Key Features:

  • Light Source: Dotless LED Strip
  • Uniform light distribution with no dark spots
  • Touchless dimmable
  • Dotless Design
  • Controlled by motion sensor or micro switch
  • Modular, plug and play for easy surface installation
  • Solid state connections eliminate the risk of oxidation over time
  • Available in multiple correlated colour temperatures
  • Luminaires available in different shapes and lengths
  • Off delay timer
  • Suitable for residential or hospitality industry settings
  • All system components carry certification markings for the North American market
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Delivered with installation instructions – professional installation required

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Under-Cabinet FAQs

What is the best under-cabinet lighting for my kitchen or workspace?

If you are in the market for under-cabinet lighting, you should always try to purchase a lighting system that is custom-made to your kitchen’s or workspace’s exact dimensions. This will help ensure that light reaches most of your counter space and there are no dark spots. Typically, under-cabinet LED lighting that comes with modules or bars of custom length will provide the best light distribution, as the lighting system reaches across the entire length of the space being lit.

Another important consideration is how the surface that is being lit reflects the light. A shiny surface like a marble or quartz countertop will reflect more light than an opaque countertop and will have a mirror-like effect. In many such cases, the counter space will act as a mirror and project an image of the light source. Therefore, it is very important that the under-cabinet lighting comes with a proper diffuser that covers the light source and does not allow for the LED dots to be visible. A diffuser will also act as a protective shield for the lighting fixture against any food or particles that the under-cabinet lighting system may be exposed to.
Another important consideration is the dimming function of the under-cabinet lighting system. Not all systems are dimmable. Depending on the intended use of the workspace and the amount of daylight received at the countertop level, which will vary throughout the day, it is often very useful for the under-cabinet lighting to be dimmable.

At Diana Lighting, we manufacture custom LED under-cabinet lighting that is professionally designed to provide a uniform light distribution and which is plug-and-play for easy installation.

How to install under-cabinet lighting?

There are typically two ways to install under-cabinet lighting: surface installation and recessed installation. When the cabinets are already in place and an under-cabinet lighting system is subsequently added, the surface installation is easiest. A recessed-type installation will be appropriate when the under-cabinet lighting is considered at the design stage of the cabinets. Recessed installation requires a series of grooves to be made into the bottom of the cabinets where the under-cabinet lighting is to be installed. Making these grooves and drilling any holes for the wiring is always easier before the cabinets are installed. An important consideration for recessed installation is for the under-cabinet lighting fixture to have a good heat sink in order for the heat to dissipate well and keep the under-cabinet lighting cool. This will extend the life of the LED lighting and help you enjoy your under-cabinet lighting longer.

At Diana Lighting, we have a wide range of LED under-cabinet lighting systems that are suitable for either surface or recessed installation. In the event of recessed installation, we will work with your cabinet manufacturer to ensure the proper design features are considered to allow for the under-cabinet lighting system to be installed.

Where to mount under-cabinet lighting?

Under-cabinet lighting typically has two purposes: to provide illumination at the counter-top level and to apply a design illumination of the backsplash. To provide uniform illumination of the countertop, it is recommended for the under-cabinet lighting system to be installed directly above the middle of the countertop. Note that typically the depth of the cabinet is shorter than the depth of the countertop and so the under-cabinet lighting should be installed closer to the front of the cabinets in order for it to be directly centred above the countertop. When achieving a design illumination of the backsplash is more important and a grazing light effect is desired, the under-cabinet lighting should be installed closer to the backsplash.

How to wire under-cabinet lighting?

Every under-cabinet lighting system typically comes with preinstalled wiring and a wiring diagram. The wiring diagram for every under cabinet lighting system should consider the characteristics of the light source and the power supply. In the case of LED under-cabinet lighting, the wiring is typically either for constant current (series connection) or constant voltage (parallel connection). The most common type is usually the constant voltage/parallel connection, which we recommend.

At Diana Lighting, our LED under-cabinet lighting products are accompanied by a wiring diagram and installation instructions.

How to hide under-cabinet lighting wiring?

Cable guides are the most effective way to conceal under-cabinet lighting wires. Where the cabinets come with a valance at the front, cables are typically not visible and the use of cable guides may not be necessary. In such cases, the use of cable clips to attach the cables to the bottom of the cabinets may be sufficient.

Are LED under-cabinet lights dimmable?

Most LED light sources are dimmable, however, in order for an under-cabinet lighting system to be dimmable, a dimmable power supply is required. When the under-cabinet lighting system is hardwired, a wall-installed dimmer is also required. Alternatively, when a dimmable power supply is not in place, a motion sensor dimmer can accomplish the dimming function.

At Diana Lighting, most of our LED under-cabinet lighting systems are supplied with an ON/OFF motion-sensor dimmer.

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