Cove Lighting: DiCove

DiCove is our modular LED cove lighting system designed for any space where a visually appealing ambient light is desired. Each system is custom manufactured by us in Canada to your exact measurements and specifications.

Key Features:

  • Light Source: dimmable dotless LED Strip
  • Modular plug and play system designed to significantly reduce installation time spent by contractors on site
  • System consists of a mix of modules of different lengths that will cover your desired straight length of cove lighting
  • No dark spots
  • Solid state connections eliminate the risk of oxidation over time
  • Surface installation
  • Suitable for crown molding installation
  • Two types of aluminum profiles available
  • Light source available in 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (cool white)
  • All system components carry certification markings for the North American market
  • Suitable for residential, office or hospitality industry settings
  • Tested by us for 48-72 hours in continuous use before delivery
  • Delivered with customized installation instructions – professional installation required

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