Custom LED Lighting

We offer a wide range of high quality LED lighting products designed to fit a variety of applications. From custom linear lighting and modular cove lighting systems to under cabinet, closet and stair lighting kits, all of our products are designed to provide a uniform light distribution with no dark spots. Our products are manufactured in Canada and are crafted from fine and durable materials utilizing the latest technology and our 3D printing capabilities.

We specialize in:

Key features of our custom LED lighting system include:

  • Offered in any length to fit your needs
  • Available at any angle desired using our custom 3D-printed connectors
  • A large variety of aluminum profile designs and installation options available: recessed, surface or suspended
  • Offered in standard finishes: white, black and anodized aluminum; custom color finishes also available upon request
  • Light sources available: monochromatic white from 2700K to 6000K, white tunable, RGB, and RGBW
  • Complete dimmable or remote controlled systems
  • All system components carry certification markings for the North American market
  • Tested in continuous use for at least 48 hours before delivery
  • Delivered with installation instructions / wiring diagram

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