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Under-Cabinet LED Lighting by Diana Lighting – Product Line-Up

Introducing our premium quality custom linear under cabinet lighting. Made in Canada.

We can use any of these models to build any custom under-cabinet lighting system to your exact measurements and specifications and we have the ability to cut and assemble any angle using our 3D printing capabilities. These are the most common models in our lineup and they are all very versatile and can be used for various applications. We also have three types of motion-sensor dimmers that we use with our products which are visible on the right side in the picture above.

under-cabinet lighting set by Diana Lighting

All of the under-cabinet lighting systems that we manufacture are touch-less dimmable, have no dark spots, and give a very uniform light with no visible LED spots. We have three options for the light color as you can see below and we can powder coat our products in any finish desired.

Here are our top under-cabinet LED lighting models

The first and second models are two recessed models that are similar in shape and curvature. The first is a very sturdy and durable aluminum profile. The side lips are visible when installed and this particular sample was powder coated in white. The second model has a nice and friendly look, and the visible part is just the milky-white plastic diffuser, making this model suitable for being paired with any color wood or furniture.

The third model is more traditional and is the most common surface installed model in our line-up. There are three samples in the picture below, each with a different correlated color temperature for the light source: 6000K also known as daylight, 4000K also known as natural white, and 3000K also known as warm white.

The fourth model is also a surface installed and is slightly angled. The angle is 30 degrees and is designed to shoot the light slightly backward. The thickness of the LED channel is just 6.7 mm (4/16th of an inch) and even though the LED’s are very close to the diffuser, the LED spots are not visible when the system is on. This sample was powder coated in white for a nicer finish when looking from the side.

The fifth model is also surface installed and is a very thin aluminum profile. The thickness of the LED channel is also 6.7 mm (4/16th of an inch) and the light distribution is very uniform. Both of these luminaires are equipped with a 4000K LED light source, also known as natural white.

In terms of motion-sensor dimmers, there are three models that we offer. As you can see from the picture on the right, their sizes and shapes are different, reflecting their different power capabilities and the dimming method.

The first two motion-sensor dimmers from the top offer continuous dimming while the one at the bottom offers to dim in small visible steps.

All of these are surface installed and the first two models from the top are installed in a 3D printed case for demonstration purposes. If desired, they can also be recessed into the bottom of your cabinet.

To learn more about our products and see some of the projects visit our website at dianalighting.com or our Instagram page at @dilighting.

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